Getting A Short Sale Approved

Working with lenders to get short sales approved is what we do every day. We know the importance of getting started on the right foot with the lender’s loss mitigation department. We have learned many times over that being prepared and maintaining our professionalism are critical to getting short sale approval.

The Lender Wants a Great File…

And from us that is just what they will get. We have one opportunity to impress the lender with a strong, complete and well organized file. That initial step will go a long way towards determining the lenders position on approving your file.

Lenders do not want to acquire properties through foreclosure, but they will not approve just any short sale. When your short sale file is submitted to your lender for approval we will map out a plan for approval that will have the lender feeling positive about approving the short sale.

Appeal to the Human Inside

Your short sale file will be reviewed by a living breathing human being. Someone, that can’t help but be influenced by the difficult circumstances being faced by others. We will help you outline the events that caused you to fall behind on your mortgage so that the loss mitigation representative handling your file will look for ways to give us approval.