Selling Your Property Quickly

We do not recommend that you sell your property at a significant discount unless you have exhausted all other options. It is highly likely that you can find a buyer for your property that will pay a price fairly close to fair market value.

With that said, we understand that some property owners would prefer just to get a transaction done quickly and with a minimum amount of hassle.

If you feel that your best option is to sell your property quickly, in its current condition, for all cash and with little difficulties, we have a list of wholesale investors that we can recommend.

  • The Wholesale Investor buys property for themselves and use their own money. No loan.

  • The Wholesale Investor can make the transaction simpler and faster.

  • The Wholesale Investor buys property as-is without requiring the seller to make repairs. They will close escrow with your tenant still in the property – even if it’s a bad tenant.

  • The Wholesale Investor won’t try to scare you. They tell you they are buying wholesale to make a profit and they will be the first one to admit their price will leave room for them to make money.

  • Best of all, the Wholesale Investor’s contract will give you, the Seller, the right to back out at any time. If you find a buyer that will pay you a higher price you can get out of your contract with the Wholesale Investor and sell to the buyer who is willing to pay more.